4 Examples of Real World Business Intelligence (BI)

4 Examples of Real World Business Intelligence (BI)

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Business intelligence(BI) is a technology-based process for evaluating information. It’s used to measure efficiency progress towards business objectives, perform quantitative evaluation, record and share information, determine client understandings, and more. Business Intelligence enables companies to arrange, analyze, and contextualize business information from throughout the enterprise.

In this article, we will appearance at how some of today’s top trendsetters are leveraging BI to change the way they do points.

4 Examples of Real World Business Intelligence (BI)

Sales Intelligence

Knowing your target market and customers is type in any business. Using various records and dashboards, BI makes understanding the client trip very easy. This places hard information in the hands of supervisors that can make critical choices, on the move, to increase sales and stay in advance of the competitors.

Providing Context for the C-suite

The information itself is often useless on its own. With the quantity of information that’s common today, what truly issues is understanding the information and producing workable understandings from it, quickly. Since our minds process pictures 60,000 times much faster compared to text, interacting information as visualizations makes the job a lot easier. Today’s top BI tools provide execs with context with points such as summaries, references, remarks, and metrics all baked right into discussions.

Work management

An essential component of development is efficiency tracking; setting clear objectives for your company, your workers, and on your own so you can monitor progress and take the right instructions if needed. BI makes it understandable where you’re, how you stand versus the competitors, and how effectively you’re functioning to satisfy your essential objectives.

Interior Coverage

Understanding the daily efficiency of services and products is critical in setting temporary and long-lasting objectives. Business Intelligence has the ability to process live information and give you the understanding you need in secs. This ensures that you do not need to wait on analytics or information experts to assist you understand your daily


OK, let’s start! Business Intelligence is utilized by many of the top trendsetters in nearly every industry, from coffeehouse to airline companies, and from ecommerce systems to financial institutions. The applications for BI are unlimited, but here are some instances of how companies use them today:


A large component of Starbucks success can be associated to its well-structured Business Intelligence facilities and succeeding ability to earn fast, data-driven choices. You’ve probably been to, or at the very least gone by, a Starbucks store eventually in your life – but have you ever wondered how they selected the place of your favorite store?

Starbucks carefully evaluates a variety of information factors to determine what might make an effective store place. This consists of:

  • Customer demographics
  • Populace thickness
  • Average earnings degree
  • Traffic pattern
  • Mass transit centers
  • Kind of business in the place evaluated.

The breadth of this evaluation is one factor that adds to the effectiveness of their store-level procedures. But Business Intelligence does not quit here. For instance, although most Starbucks food selection items are standard worldwide, customizeds and marketing items differ (rather significantly) by area.

For instance, the company ran a “Summertide – grab a Frappuccino” promo throughout a warm wave in Memphis, and also began a “Starbucks night” for stores in high alcohol consumption locations offering the community.

BI is also associated with Starbucks’ “My Starbucks benefits” program, which is utilized to track customer habits and produce personalized client offers sometimes when a purchaser is anticipated to be probably to buy a drink. This not just owns sales but also increases brand name commitment (Starbucks has the ability to give their customers what they want, exactly when they want it).

Delta Airline companies

When we consider the use Business Intelligence in the air travel industry, we probably instantly appearance at it from the customer’s point of view. Seat allotment, advertising, trip regularity and place, and so forth. But when Delta Airline companies executes Business Intelligence to improve the travel experience, it is for another factor: luggage.

Delta has spent over $100 million (and checking) in Business Intelligence systems to track and improve luggage handling. With information gathered and displayed in a manner that Business Intelligence solutions can easily absorb, groups at the flight terminal and at



workplace is able to determine the source of luggage mishandling and hold-ups. This allows them to earn fast and effective choices that significantly decrease luggage loss and damage, production Delta one of the most dependable airline company in regards to luggage and thereby enhancing their business.

Although Delta has executed BI thoroughly somewhere else in its business, its concentrate on luggage handling has enabled it to produce a specific niche in an affordable industry with slim margins.

And, such as the companies that appeared previously on this list, Delta is also using Business Intelligence to transform their traveler information right into more effective commitment programs that take advantage of all the best components of travel and shopping practices. They can target customers with their best promos, simply when they are probably to want to purchase. Not just were these airline companies able to secure sales, but they were also able to decrease their advertising invest.


The first set of information Walmart started cleaning originated from its 10 websites, each which uses a 10-node Hadoop collection to store information. In an initiative to combine its online presence, Walmart decided to transfer to a solitary website and a 250-node Hadoop collection that would certainly function as the basis for all its online client information. Since Hadoop is an disorganized data source, the greatest obstacle is preparing the information and obtaining workable understandings from it. This is where Business Intelligence is available in.

BI helps improve and imagine Walmart’s information so supervisors and execs can understand the numbers in these large Hadoop collections and make effective choices to influence key business outcomes. Along with using BI to obtain items before customers when they need them, Walmart also uses Business Intelligence to track the prices of various items in the marketplace. By doing this, they constantly have an affordable benefit in regards to cost of products and are one step in advance of their competitors every time.

Today most companies use BI to understand client habits and increase their revenues. Some widely known instances are Uber, Twitter, Netflix, Lowe’s, Tesla, Chipotle, and Coca-Cola. But Business Intelligence isn’t simply a one-trick horse. As can be seen from the instances over. The Business Intelligence applications are nearly unlimited. It’s the companies that ask the right questions and imagine information better compared to their rivals that eventually stand apart in the marketplace.

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